Ajay Aggarwal - The Pain Relief Center in Lake Jackson, Bay City, League City

Ajay Aggarwal, MD

"I have witnessed people undergo spinal fusions and the resulting chronic pain that can disable them for life. I see how pain affects people and their families. There was never any doubt what direction I would take once entering into clinical practice. I made a promise that I would do everything possible to make a difference in my patients' lives and that is the promise I make to the patients of The Pain Relief Center."

Pain Treatment Services

At the Pain Relief Center of Texas we offer comprehensive pain treatment services.
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Bay City, Texas

170 South 4th Street, Suite #1,
Van Vleck, TX 77482
Phone: (979) 245-7246 (PAIN)
Fax: (979) 245-2415

Lake Jackson, Texas

201 Oak Drive S, Suite 202,
Lake Jackson, TX 77566
Phone: (979) 285-9995
Fax: (979) 299-2309